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Why Buy from Us?
Rare Fig Cuttings by Rhamphibious! We have been gathering and growing rare fig varieties for 15 years now and are long term trusted sellers on eBay and Etsy. Our outmost aim is customer satisfaction and for all our customers to successfully grow all the figs they want and enjoy this most satisfying hobby.

We try to ship three times a week except when the weather does not allows the proper collection of our orders. We gather the cuttings fresh off their mother trees right before shipping, wax the cut ends and pack them fresh and moist, in a way to promote rooting while on their way to you. Our cuttings are safe the way we pack them for even the longest of journeys. Sometimes they even greet you with roots upon arrival !

We ship Worldwide.

We offer:
Standard Shipping: 1-3 weeks to arrive without tracking number
Express Tracked Shipping: 1-2 weeks to arrive with tracking number provided
Courier service: We can deliver as fast as 1-3 days with SPM or in less than a week with EMS, worldwide. Tracked courier service

Our Cuttings, Seeds and Plants
All our Cuttings, Seeds and Plants are organically grown with the utmost respect to the environment and your health. We use no pesticides nor synthetic fertilizers on our plants.

Our Cuttings
We always ship robust cuttings, free of pests and diseases, cut fresh from their mother trees and packed moist in a way to prepare for rooting while on their way to you. Our cuttings are about 9-10” long and thick for their species.

Our Seeds
We always ship freshly collected seeds with great viability and take extra care to ensure our seeds sources are 100% pure. We pack our seeds in a way to ensure they arrive in the best condition.

Our Plants
Our plants are treated like royalty. They represent our efforts to grow them and are thus given our loving care when packing them as well. We try to have them arrive to you in as perfect a condition as possible.

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